ICTCRM is a modern unified communications integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system which can be used to run any type of business. It provides complete business process automation as well as the integration of communication technologies such as voice calls and text messaging to connect with customers. Staff conduct voice call-based questions and real-time surveys, broadcasting important notifications or invitations, and connecting business and customers in such a way that never imagine before.

ICTCRM is a modern CRM software that interoperates with CTI to manage your organization’s daily business and communications needs. We have enhanced its functionality by adding Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functionality by adding both personal and mass communications capability via SMS, voice, email, or fax-based technologies by integrating this modern CRM with unified communications platform ICTCore. It is appropriate for small, medium and large businesses.

ICTCRM is a multi-tenant, turn-key, white-label software solution for businesses, particularly internet service providers, carriers, and telecommunications operators.

ICTCRM helps in monitoring, operating, and evaluating campaigns. It allows you to run any campaign, including voice, SMS, Fax, and email, based on your needs to enhance customer satisfaction. When certain requirements are met, ICTCRM allows you to automate actions. This eliminates the need for your team to perform tedious and manual tasks.

It includes all of the techniques you need to stay on top of your customers, such as lead generation to potential customers and sending them quotes, as well as creating invoices. It features real-time dashboard monitoring to provide you with a comprehensive report on your actual sales, chances, and leads. You can also generate and display your custom reports in the dashboard. It enables you to create a customizable sales process to improve efficiency by creating your sales process and automating the tasks.

Supervise your customers by creating a unique experience for them to assist you to start a relationship with them. Start engaging your customers more effectively by creating personalized experiences for them, tracking your leads and sending them relevant marketing content based on their needs, and continuously monitoring your customer activities and converting leads to opportunities.

Features of ICTCRM:

The ICTCRM system offers user-friendly visualizations with login connectivity for your company’s admin, business owners, employee staff, and management staff.

ICTCRM is built on the ICTCore unified communications platform and enables customer relationship management through business and communications automation, as well as improved interactions and connections with customers.

ICTCRM is designed to function at a high level of security that can be personalized to meet your needs, and admin can grant different user’s particular authorizations.

The integration of unified communication, which enables users to interact with their customers in instances never imagine of before, is one of the unique features of ICTCRM.


ICTCore is an open-source unified communications framework that enables developers and integrators to rapidly create ICT-based applications while leveraging their existing development skills. Developers can use ICTCore to create communication-based applications such as Auto attendant, Fax to Email, Click to Call, and so on. They can create custom business logic to control incoming and outgoing communication instances.

Advantages of ICTCRM:

Some advantages of ICTCRM are as follow:

  • Less Time-Consuming

  • Better Communications

  • Better Customer Experience

  • Market Strategy

  • Facility Management

Modules of ICTCRM:

Some Modules of ICTCRM are as follow:

  • Calls Module

  • Campaign Module

  • Contacts Module

  • Invoices Module

  • Accounts Module

  • Products Module

  • Emails Module

  • Tasks Module

  • Documents Module