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WebRTC based Web Phone support in ICTCRM

ICTCRM Web Phone (WebRTC Agent) ICTCRM brings another amazing feature for call centers and Agents support! Web Phone. What is a WebPhone? and How does it help Agents? A Web phone is WebRTC based phone that allow agents to receive calls only using their browsers,...

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Basics of Contact Center Management

Contact Center is a central place of communication for an organization to communicate globally and telemarketing his products along with providing call center and support services to its customers .Contact Center is business division with an organization that manages...

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ICTCRM, The Poineer CRM with advance Call Center features

ICTCRM is complete solution that include both Advance CRM features as well as smart contact center features that gives a unique experience to users to manage all customer related actives from one place efficiently and smartly . ICTCRM developed over ICTCore, open...

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