ICTCRM Enterprise Edition has been designed for organization’s needs such as , to market their products and services , interact with their customers, conduct surveys and set appointment with them , better communicate their clients and manage their workforce efficiently.


ICTCRM Service Provider Edition has been designed for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP ) to offer cloud based services to their customers ( organizations or individuals ) from their own platform.





One time payment


Account management N N
Contact management N N
Leads management N N
Group wise security permissions N N
Role wise security permissions N N
Campaign management N N
Call management & tracking N N
Email marketing N N
Opportunities management N N
Reporting N N
Multiple Languages N N
User-friendly Customization N N
Role management N N
Rest API Integration N N
Call Center N N
Voice broadcasting N N
Fax blasting N N
SMS blasting N N
Email broadcasting N N
Interactive Voice broadcast N N
Appointment reminder N N
Surveys and pools N N
Dialog/script N N
IVR studio N N
Precious dialer N N
Power dialer N N
Progressive dialer N N
Inbound dialing N N
Manual dialing N N
Personalized communication N N
AMD support N N
DNC Support N N
Custom Caller ID N N
Disposition management N N
Multiple campaigns N N
Retry with follow me N N
Attended/blind call transferred N N
Call recording support N N
Multi-Tenants support M N
White label/branding M N
User-wise channels limit N N
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