ICTDialer is unified communications and complete contact center that support voice, SMS, and fax communication technologies that interact with their customer’s hosted service platform. To access the ICTDialer cloud platform, you must have access to the internet and a web browser. It will enable the market and interact with their customers through a variety of communication technologies.

ICTDialer is a revolutionary step in modern communications because it allows a layman to easily design and implement advanced communications business scenarios using a drag-and-drop IVR Designer platform. It can make its web-based IVR Designer drag-and-drop tools to send and receive phone calls, text messages, video conferences, e-mails, and perform other communication functions.

ICTDialer provides call center services such as the predictive dialer, call logging, call recording, transfer call, personal communication, campaign statistics, custom caller ID, agent live statistics, and so on.

CRM Communications from ICTDialer include WEBRTC agent panel, unified communication integration, progressive dialer, agent live statistics, agent dialogue, call recording, call transfer, CRM popup, and much more.

ICTDialer provides bulk fax broadcasting services such as fax cover sheet, real-time monitoring, multiple campaigns, Rest APIs, and fax broadcasting, among others.

ICTDialer covers all modes of communication:

Inbound Communication:

When inbound mode enables, all campaigns can start receiving calls from publicly available DID numbers through ICTDialer.

Outbound Communication:

ICTDialer originates calls toward remote destinations and performs required operations and actions.

Dynamic Communication:

ICTDialer provides a REST API for integrating with third-party to automate business operations.

Features of ICTDialer:

Some features of ICTDialer are as follows:


ICTDialer Cloud platform provides Fax broadcasting services to its customers. Registered customers can perform bulk Faxing via the web portal, upload their lists, create new Fax campaigns, and start sending Fax documents to their potential clients in no time, with real-time reporting and campaign statistics.


The ICTDialer Cloud platform provides bulk SMS Messaging services to its customers. Registered customers can use the SMS Messaging and marketing web portal to upload their contact lists, create new SMS Messages, and also create a new SMS campaign, and it will start to send SMS messages to their potential customers in no time, with real-time reporting and campaign statistics.

Campaign Scheduling:

ICTDialer platform allows users to schedule campaigns by providing a variety of options. Users can select and schedule campaigns to run on specific days of the week as well as specific time slots of the day.

Call Center:

The ICTDialer platform provides full call center functionality, including inbound and outbound connectivity, as well as multiple agent performance, evaluation, and other advanced features.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

Customers can configure a public DID number to receive incoming calls through IVR or integrate their database with IVR to easily automate their business processes using REST APIs on the ICTDialer platform.

Progressive Dialing:

ICTDialer platform features progressive dialing controlled and monitored by agents who use WEBRTC based web-phone, agents monitor outbound dialing with complete call status such as dialing, ringing, answering, hang up, and so on, and agents have full control over calls, they can cancel any call in the middle, as well as pause and restart dialing at their choice.

It offers a WebRTC phone through which agents can update their status, answer calls, and have complete control over calls.

Report in Real Time:

The ICTDialer platform provided complete real-time reporting and campaign statistics for analyzing campaign progress and taking real-time actions to improve performance and efficiency.