ICTCRM is the open-source CRM solution for your businesses which has the advanced features of CRM Systems and also integrated with the dialer to offer the combined services of both Dialer and CRM.

Engage customers and increase revenue

Engage your customers and create a personalized experience according to bespoke needs. Automate the customer segmentation and send them targeted marketing content and track their important activity to generate more leads and increase revenue. Keep track of important leads and

Advanced Dashboard monitoring

It has real time dashboard monitoring and give a live statistics of your leads, sales and opportunities. You can also create your own custom reports and integrate them with the existing dashboard to create a fully customized experience according to your needs. Keep an eye on all of your important information through dashboard and manage it accordingly.

Automate Workflow and schedule tasks

CRM has the ability to execute the tasks whenever the certain conditions are met in the CRM. This eliminates the manual and the tiresome work required by your team members to do thus freeing their time for the important stuff.

Camapign management and monitoring

It has the advanced campaign management and monitoring to send the marketing related content to targeted customers with live campaign monitoring. You can choose any type of campaign which includes voice, call, sms and fax according to your needs.


Increase your system productivity by using the REST API to integrate your CRM with any third party software and share and collaborate the data.

Omni Channel communications

It has the omni channel communications to facilitate your customers with the type of communication channel they prefer thus creating a customized experience for your customers.

Thus ICTCRM has all of the features to enhance your business functionality there by giving your company a competitive edge in the CRM Industry.